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A blog celebrating all fat birds, tall and short, tropical and temperate, brown and rainbow-colored. Please feel free to submit- If they're puffy I'll post them! :D

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It’s been a while. Watcha wanna see?

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  1. pencilhaberdashery answered: pigeons
  2. munchkin-cat answered: screech owls and elf owls :D
  3. honeygears answered: kookaburras!
  4. whoiamisrainbow answered: Birds that look like they’re kissing <3
  5. once-upon-a-penguin answered: Cockatiels? :)
  6. thepumpkincave answered: northern flicker!
  7. foxxychthonian answered: Quails. :) Button Quails.
  8. tsutori answered: Kiwis!
  9. dailydenjuu answered: Grackles pls
  10. darkequidae answered: raptors, specifically falcons or crested caracaras pls!
  11. justamus answered: Willie Wagtails, firecrests, angry wrens.
  12. kivulini answered: Ducks?
  13. adozenrosesblog answered: Toucans! They are shoooo cute! <3
  14. once-ditten answered: budgies!
  15. berdnird answered: Ruddy ducks?
  16. mampfmampf answered: Guinea fowwwwl!
  17. wolf-of-lonely-mountain answered: American Kestrels! Or Hymilain Monals
  18. jumpingpuzzles answered: i want to see blue birds please.
  19. good-luck-cat answered: I dreamed about a pigeon so fat that when it sat on the power lines, the poles bowed under its weight. If you could show me that…
  20. ileolai answered: wrens
  21. nyuns answered: Cockatiels! o3o If I’m not too late for this at least. xD
  22. rikarak answered: any raptors would be great!
  23. flannelfrog answered: The fattest of birds.
  24. grimrippy answered: silky chickens? they so fluffy.
  25. agirlingreenlights answered: pelicans:3
  26. kupatamagoczi answered: Parakeet! Especially Pyrrhura species, those lil’ ones are so sweet :)
  27. emerlyme answered: Fat owls :)
  28. pewpewzapzap answered: Black-billed magpies! Please :>
  29. fagshenanigans answered: Sleeping burds. Birds can get all puffy when they sleep for added adorableness.
  30. kororaa answered: ptarmigans
  31. quinthitler answered: Croooooooows
  32. havokpony answered: Chickens, Turkies, Guineas, Peafowl, and pidgeons of all kinds
  33. primaryfeather answered: How about some pigeon guillemots?
  34. abundanceofhappy answered: red crested cardinals? :D
  35. the-shiinji answered: American Goldfinch!
  36. ragelantern answered: pink/rose robins!!
  37. askstream answered: Owls!
  38. thatotherkevin answered: black-capped and mountain chickadees :’]
  39. featheredlizard answered: blue jays and sparrows
  40. birdoftheday answered: more wild birds, less captive birds!
  41. kkikki answered: hawk eagles
  42. suzukininja4 answered: didja post breaded vulture or the oscillated turkey yet?
  43. the-miss-of-two-worlds answered: egrets or herons