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Always fun to see a repost of your own gifs with no attribution to your blog (and with 300k more notes smh. It’s a wonder it never came on my dash) featured on the Year in Review blog!

Have just contacted Tumblr Support about this, but boo reposters.

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  1. conorchristopher said: The only way to do that is to download it and re post it right? Because I reblog all the time and it always says whom I reblog from without me having to do anything special
  2. h-m-o-l said: I think for the purpose of a tumblr review, giving credit to the person who put something on tumblr in the first place and made it into a gifset popular enough (and awesome enough) to get on the review is the whole point?
  3. undercoverflowers said: /;
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  5. jenihead said: I’m sorry this has happened to you :( like it isn’t difficult to just give credit to someone for their work! Dang!
  6. friskyronnie said: ignore the fool that told you to get over it. your feelings are justified and i’d be pissed as fuck too.
  7. redmnemosyne said: Contacting support…for gifs? GUUUUUUUURL. Don’t be pathetic. Bitter and jealous over gifs isn’t a good look on anyone. They’re not art, regardless of how much effort you’ve put into them, and aren’t copyrighted to you. Get over yourself.
  8. shirohayabusa reblogged this from fat-birds and added:
    Wowza. There should be some “original post by” function. Maybe get rid of that half useless “reblogged from”, since not...
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  14. mostdelightfulhat said: Ugh, so sorry that happened! That’s really terrible. D:
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