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A blog celebrating all fat birds, tall and short, tropical and temperate, brown and rainbow-colored. Please feel free to submit- If they're puffy I'll post them! :D

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shrap-null asked: you're leaving proper credit though, right? that's really the only qualifier to not look like a turd if you're doing gifs out of existing content

Yup, I always link to the source video in all of my own gif posts!

  1. sweetbottletops said: I guess the only remaining question is if the person recording the video got the bird to sign a release.
  2. tampaxgivesyoustrings said: I’m not sure how people can be following you and not know that you source. I love your gifs and I love getting to see the original video and bask in the adorableness of fat birds.
  3. star-rice reblogged this from fat-birds and added:
    Yes. You are a good person. Thank you for existing and allowing me to be your follower ;A;
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