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also english songbirds are cheeky buggers, I hear them singing their lovely little songs allll the time but when I try to spot them all I can see are pushy magpies, seagulls, and pigeons, none of whom are making the sounds I’m interested in listening to but all of whom are very interested in the potential food I might be carrying in my hands.

the songbirds, on the other hand, are all hidden away! where are youuuu, come out

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  1. gunthersilves said: You can use speakers with bird songs to lure them and spot them easily. :) Just be careful not to stress them too much or for a long period of time.
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  3. earlephant said: Songbirds tend to eat more seeds than larger birds, bring sunflower seeds and scatter them near a bush or below a tree and some of the songbirds will surely come ^^
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    Magpies are classified as songbirds (as are all corvids, afaik), and they can produce a soft, warbling song, which...
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    Same as the songbirds in Hong Kong
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  7. thebirdsofalbion said: Where/why are you in England? I got to do a bit of birding just around London this summer and it was lovely ^_^
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