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roarshack asked: Hello! I'm not sure if you'd know how to answer this, but I'm really hoping you can! I live in the city and I saw a fledging sparrow sitting on the sidewalk for hours. There are no trees, no bushes, a block in either direction of where I found it. Traffic is heavy. I've taken it indoors for the night to avoid raccoons/cats. I've given it water and some millet, but the poor thing is too scared to move. What should I do? I can't locate the nest!

I think maybe you should call Animal Control to help you out! Not an expert though, so would welcome any input from followers! Please answer either directly here or send a response directly to

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  2. gamzee-boolton said: Animal control will euthanize it, which in the grand scheme of things is fine, but bb birds are cute. SO, if OP wants to keep bb, feed it hard boiled egg yolks and cat food soaked in water. Also, teach it to look for food on the ground by …
  3. kaelyh said: They’d want to call a wildlife rehabilitator, the thing is though, birds fall out it nests all the time so they aren’t likely to accept it. Either try and raise it (difficult), or put it on the ground near the nest and the mom will care for it.
  4. cheesybananas said: But it in a box with a towel or blanket in a warm quiet dark place… Usually birds for from panic and stress when caught so just let it be for the night…. If it lives let it go in the morning if it isn’t injured or take it to the animal hospital
  5. je-suis-manatee said: Take it to a wildlife rehab facility in your area. They are specially trained and handling wild birds often had very strict legalities to it. Rehabbers will have proper diet and housing, as well as the best relocation plans.
  6. elvenstars said: Dogfood+water in a blender makes a good paste to feed the baby. Add mealworms if possible. Get him a cage and you can raise him until he can fly. We did that with a swallow and it worked out well
  7. medicatedmaniac said: rescue remedy to pep it up? dash of alcohol mixed with water.
  8. jewess-ex-machina said: If it turns out you do need to keep it for a while, food for baby sparrows is fairly simple to make out of dry dog food. Any place you contact should be able to walk you through feeding. Don’t drip water into the beak; this can cause drowning!
  9. kk-maker said: Provide water and keep it quiet and dark—cover the box with a blanket or something, and put that somewhere out of the way where there isn’t a ton of foot traffic. See if there’s a wildlife animal rescue facility in your area, too.
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