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the-procrastinators-initiative asked: I have three parrotlets and one of them is taking the strings from the basket that they have collectively ripped apart and attaches it to her back. Why do they do that? O.o

Anyone who knows please send answers to or post directly here!

  1. scp-3068 reblogged this from fat-birds and added:
    OH OH OH THey do this to add decoration! It’s almost the same as us putting in hair extensions etc - it’s a way to make...
  2. mynnia said: for nesting purposes? i think that is one way how they collect material. you often see it with newspapers etc.
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  4. celinesci said: It’s nesting behavior, they put it on their back for traveling.
  5. lauretteob said: She is putting it in her feathers to carry home to make a nest! It’s a pretty common nesting behavior!
  6. moonkelpie reblogged this from fat-birds and added:
    It sounds like they could be collecting nesting material, especially if they are Lovebirds. Some species, like the...
  7. mournfulblis said: nesting
  8. bees-bees-fear said: Birds are always sticking stuff in their feathers that they like. It’s like makeup to them
  9. butts-for-days said: It’s a way of carrying nesting material!
  10. kit-bird said: It’s a nesting instinct!
  11. omnicat said: I’ve seen videos of birds sticking strips of torn-off paper in their tail, as if to give themselves extra feathers. I don’t know a thing about birds though, so my best bet is vanity. :P
  12. geenius said: they put things like paper, string, etc. on themselves to make it easier to carry back to their nest to build it. i think it’s adorable when they do this :D
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    That behavior is called 'Anting'. No one knows exactly why they do it, but it’s most commonly seen during a molt; it may...
  15. glitchbunny said: hello! you might want to tell your followers about this blog! askbirdbloggers.tumblr…. it’s a collection of bird bloggers with lots of bird knowledge!!!
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