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A blog celebrating all fat birds, tall and short, tropical and temperate, brown and rainbow-colored. Please feel free to submit- If they're puffy I'll post them! :D

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chelseamakai asked: Tell your followers, askbirdbloggers is a great place to get info about care for birds!

fyi! :)

the-procrastinators-initiative asked: I have three parrotlets and one of them is taking the strings from the basket that they have collectively ripped apart and attaches it to her back. Why do they do that? O.o

Anyone who knows please send answers to or post directly here!

rhombass asked: I just wanted to ask what you think the best starter bird might be?

I personally haven’t the slightest clue about bird care, but check out the bird care tips tag and anyone who does know please send answers directly to rhombass or post directly here!

roarshack asked: Hello! I'm not sure if you'd know how to answer this, but I'm really hoping you can! I live in the city and I saw a fledging sparrow sitting on the sidewalk for hours. There are no trees, no bushes, a block in either direction of where I found it. Traffic is heavy. I've taken it indoors for the night to avoid raccoons/cats. I've given it water and some millet, but the poor thing is too scared to move. What should I do? I can't locate the nest!

I think maybe you should call Animal Control to help you out! Not an expert though, so would welcome any input from followers! Please answer either directly here or send a response directly to

notoffended asked: Hi! I've noticed a lot of my golden and great tits have some sort of warts growing on their neck? Is there anything I can add to their feed to help, like an antibiotic? They aren't technically "mine", they just nest in my yard, but they recognize me as "food bringer" and I hate knowing they're sick

Any followers got any tips? If so, please comment directly on this post or send answers directly to notoffended :)

youremygorgeouschaos asked: Hey there! I was wondering if you know how to get cockatiels used to water? I have no idea how old mine is because he was given to me from the previous owners of the house I'm living in. He seems to like when I spray him with a water bottle but I'm not sure how often I should actually bathe him. If you know anything please answer me back. Take care. <3

Any followers who know please send answers directly to youremygorgeouschaos! :)

kestrelsansjesses asked: I love my bird to death, but I'm moving to another country, and it's just not fair to leave him with my parents. I need to rehome him- does anyone have any tips on how to safely rehome a green cheek conure, and how to make sure he's comfortable and happy at the end of the day? I wish I didn't have to do this.

Specifics to kestrelsansjesses, general advice to me!

That’s it for today’s impromptu round of Bird Care Tips.

verin-mystal asked: I love these bird care tips! I've been needing to take my parrot in to get his claws trimmed, but I dont like any of the travel cages at petsmart or petco. Too small, and not "strong enough" for a larger parrot. The small pet carrier idea is a great idea!

Yay for followers helping followers! You’re all terrific. :D

rideforruin asked: If a bird responds well to certain music in the home environment, playing it during travel may help in keeping them more comfortable and calm. My bird tends to be more comfortable with the radio on during rides, and after a while will start chattering like his usual self.

assbaka asked: Changes in bird behavior can be indications of something serious, and consulting an avian specialist vet is always the best thing to do. They can rule out a physical cause, assess the bird's living conditions, and offer their expertise. They may refer you to a behavior specialist as well. Don't be afraid to spend money on your pet-- they depend on you.