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A blog celebrating all fat birds, tall and short, tropical and temperate, brown and rainbow-colored. Please feel free to submit- If they're puffy I'll post them! :D

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: This brave fat birb sleeps on his foe’s face.

that is the most tolerant cat I have ever seen. also you have submitted two excellent videos, a+++

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Honestly had way too much fun stalking baby birds at the Palace of Fine Arts today.

lol at the bebe duck <3

jealous, i want to stalk baby birds and take pictures of them <3



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iceyfrog: I’ve been meaning to show you guys my fat birds! Although I had them 2 summers ago, I still love to talk about them. I had 6 chickens that I raised over a summer and these are them. The one making all the noise is the brown one on my lap, Rudolph. He /only/ made those noises around me. I think it was him bragging, “This is my mommy!” I may submit some more pics of him later, too!

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