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A blog celebrating all fat birds, tall and short, tropical and temperate, brown and rainbow-colored. Please feel free to submit- If they're puffy I'll post them! :D

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Haha so I was talking to my mom on skype the other day and she said that two robin families and a dove family have decided to nest in in the trees right by our front door, so whenever my mom or dad open the door now, they are greeted by multiple birdie side-eyes, hisses, and hoots, like they own the place, lololol

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this may be one of the greatest headlines I’ve ever read


this may be one of the greatest headlines I’ve ever read

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I think I’m cracking up, today I thought I saw a really large fluffy snowy owl sitting on top of one of the yellow dumpsters on my college campus but it was just an exceptionally large owl-shaped speckled rock.

also english songbirds are cheeky buggers, I hear them singing their lovely little songs allll the time but when I try to spot them all I can see are pushy magpies, seagulls, and pigeons, none of whom are making the sounds I’m interested in listening to but all of whom are very interested in the potential food I might be carrying in my hands.

the songbirds, on the other hand, are all hidden away! where are youuuu, come out

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so my housemate is studying conservational ecology and he and his course went to various nature reserves across kenya for a few weeks earlier this year and he told me today that he saw several secretary birds in person

i’m so jealous right now

the best (well, unless you’re a snake lover, I guess, lol- it’s my favorite, at least) and final secretary bird post of the night shall be up shortly! whoooo

So much variety for favorite birds! Loving all the different answers :)

for those curious as to who my favorite birds are: of course a tough choice, but long-tailed tits, saw-whet owls, mountain bluebirds, pygmy falcons, kiwis, and quetzals, definitely, off the top of my head.

eta: omfg and amethyst starlings!

as for those who think the bluebird of happiness is too grumpy to be the bluebird of happiness- he’s grumpy looking because he’s scaring away all the unhappiness!

you guys i just now realized why a ton of you have been asking me to post pictures of the “superb owl”

i was so confused until a  minute ago

smh @ myself right now

anyways, your wish is my command, expect pictures of huge, magestic owls later tonight :’D

Haha do you think if I ever go here (Fat Birds Cafe) I can get a discount because of my blog title?

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Found the perfect Christmas jumper at Marks and Spencer’s! Too bad it’s £35….

Found the perfect Christmas jumper at Marks and Spencer’s! Too bad it’s £35….